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Gemini Single Phase

A single phase, 80 Amp, STS keypad prepayment meter in a compact British Standard (BS) housing suitable for new installation as well as retrofitting of existing  electromechanical or electronic watt-hours meters.


For new installations the meter can be installed inside the home making it accessible for the consumer to enter in a credit token. The meter boasts an easy to read language-independent Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It has a wide range of information registers which can be accessed by pressing the information button on the keypad and then entering the number of the register.


User interaction with the meter and access to meter information (such as a low credit  warning, energy consumption, and load contactor status) are available using the keypad and large LCD display.


The Gem is mechanically sealed against tampering through the use of a factory-sealed screw plug on the rear panel and a utility-sealed wire seal on the front of the meter. The use of these mechanical seals ensures that there are visible signs of tampering if unauthorised entry to the system is attempted. In addition, the meter is equipped with a tamper sensor that will automatically disconnect the power to the load in the event of tampering.