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Single Phase Din Rail Split (Wired)

The Cashpower Power-Rail is a single-phase 60A (80A optional) split meter in a DIN rail-mount housing. Ideal for new reticulation where housing is informal and the prepayment meters are mounted in a pole-top enclosure with respective customer interface units conveniently mounted in the dwellings below.


Due to the small size and DIN rail housing, multiple Power-Rail meters can be mounted in a small enclosure thereby making installation cost-effective.


The Cashpower Power-Rail consists of two parts: the Customer Interface Unit and the Meter. The Customer Interface Unit is a compact unit with a user-friendly display and keypad that can be installed in any convenient location inside the consumer’s premises.


Connection to the remotely installed meter is via a pair of communications wires. The connection of these wires at the meter is achieved by means of a plug-in  connector, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.


In Prepayment metering mode it functions as a normal prepayment meter. Credit tokens are purchased and entered into the meter via the customer interface unit keypad. On expiry of credit the load is disconnected and will only be re-connected when a valid credit token, purchased by the consumer, is entered. The split configuration of the meter significantly reduces the risk of tampering.


The meter is installed in a remote, secure location and is mechanically sealed against tampering through the use mechanical clips and inaccessible assembly screws. Utility-sealed wire seals can be field-fitted to secure the main power cable terminations.


The use of these mechanical seals ensures that there will be visible signs of tampering if unauthorised entry to the system is attempted.