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Rowan Law and Justice Major Requirements

3+1 students must earn at least an associate degree before moving on to the final year. Criminal Justice (AS. CRJ) is the recommended associate degree. Associate degree courses must be used to meet the requirements listed below. Earn a bachelor`s degree in Rowan`s Law and Justice Studies program prepares students for professional careers in four main areas: Complete your junior year at Rowan College South JerseyRowan College South Jersey follows the Rowan`s University curriculum with 300-level courses taught by the faculty of Rowan College South Jersey Advanced Degree. These courses will transfer to Rowan`s University and will meet the requirements of the third year of the program. Review self-serve for prerequisites and associate degree requirements. Here is an example of a calendar. Please view your custom plan in AVISO if you have already signed up for 3+1. This path leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice Studies from Rowan University! If you have completed all recommended and required courses, you will earn an AS diploma. CRJ after the 4th semester. Courses are taken in a hybrid format (online and at Mount Laurel) or fully online Save on tuition and fees by completing your first 3 years at the cost of the community college (Rowan College – Gloucester) and the last year at university rate (Rowan University).

At least 30 credits of a bachelor`s degree program must be completed at Rowan`s University for the degree to be awarded. This is a requirement of Rowan University. If you were accepted into the program as a junior, be sure to read the checklist and fulfill your contract. Start your academic career at Rowan College South JerseyStudents must first complete the study programme at RCSJ. CRJ 310 is a requirement for LAWJ 05.380 in the last year. Do you have questions about the 3+1 program? Email us at The electives are all RCBC courses; Email with questions about electives. Must take at least 30 credits with Rowan University. What is the 3+1 program at Rowan College in South Jersey? The total points required for the BA are 120 between Rowan`s credits and transfer credits. The CRJ 310 is personal in the fall and online in the spring; must be registered at 3+1 to register for this course.

Meet with the Rowan`s advisor before graduation to confirm the schedule.

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