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Transparency and user empowerment are two of our guiding principles at Twitter. While you may be affected by this type of notification, we want you to know that the request exists and that we may be required to take actions such as creating account information or retaining content. Before taking any action, we would like to give you the opportunity to review the legal request and take steps to protect your interests. If notice is not possible, you may receive a late notification. Late notification means that we may notify you of the existence of a legal request after Twitter has retained your content or after Twitter has been compelled to disclose information relating to your Twitter account. II.1.11 Our communities and families are strengthened by a system that includes restorative justice, reduces incarceration and aims to return pardoned offenders to society with all their rights and duties. The detention of violent and destructive individuals is sometimes necessary for security reasons, but community-based alternatives to incarceration are often better responses to nonviolent crime. For the system to work well, a fair and timely decision will have to be made; adequate representation; the end of detention solely on the basis of the ability to pay fees, fines or bail; education, training and treatment of persons convicted of criminal behaviour; and fair compensation for victims of crime. If content that has been withheld in response to a legal request is permitted in the future, we will, where possible, restore access to it so that everyone can see it. [11] To the extent that lawyers fulfil the obligations of their professional profession, the possibility of state regulation is avoided. Self-regulation also helps to preserve the independence of the legal profession from state domination. An independent legal profession is an important force in maintaining government under the law, as abuse of legal power is more easily challenged by a profession whose members do not depend on the government to exercise the right to practice.

[12] The relative autonomy of the legal profession entails specific responsibilities for self-government. The profession has a responsibility to ensure that its rules are designed in the public interest and not to promote narrow-minded or self-serving concerns of the Bar Association. Each lawyer is responsible for compliance with the rules of professional conduct. A lawyer should also help ensure compliance by other lawyers. Neglect of these responsibilities undermines the independence of the profession and the public interest it serves. This policy applies only to the website and does not apply to information provided on websites linked to our website for purchase or other purposes. Your rights of use and privacy in connection with your visit to such linked websites are subject to the privacy policies and terms of use posted on such websites. We may comply with requests to renew retention requests, but we encourage law enforcement to request records through relevant channels in a timely manner, as we cannot guarantee that the requested information will be available. [18] Under various legal provisions, including constitutional, law and customary law, the responsibilities of prosecutors may include authority in legal matters normally vested in the client`s private client and lawyer relationship.

For example, a lawyer from a government agency may be empowered on behalf of the government to decide on a regulation or to appeal an adverse judgment. These powers in various respects generally belong to the Attorney General and the Attorney of the state government and their federal counterparts, and the same may be true for other public servants. In addition, lawyers under the supervision of these officials may have the power to represent multiple government agencies in domestic legal controversies if a private lawyer cannot represent multiple retail clients. These rules do not invalidate such a power. [10] The legal profession is largely autonomous. While autonomous powers have also been granted to other professions, the legal profession is unique in this regard because of the close relationship between the profession and government and law enforcement processes. This link is manifested in the fact that the ultimate authority over the legal profession is largely transferred to the courts. [14] Rules of ethics are rules of reason. They must be interpreted in terms of the purposes of legal representation and the law itself.

Some of the rules are imperatives set out in the terms “shall” or “shall not”. These define correct behaviour for the purposes of professional discipline. Others, which are generally included in the term “may,” are permissive and define areas in the Rules of Procedure in which counsel has discretion to exercise professional judgment. No disciplinary action should be taken if the lawyer decides not to act or acts within this discretion. Other rules define the nature of the relationship between the lawyer and others. The Rules of Procedure are therefore partly binding and disciplinary and partly constitutive and descriptive, since they define the professional role of the lawyer. Many of the comments use the word “should.” The comments do not add obligations to the rules, but provide guidelines for exercising according to the rules. [5] A lawyer`s conduct should comply with legal requirements, both in professional service to clients and in the lawyer`s business and personal affairs. A lawyer should only use the procedures of the law for legitimate purposes and not to harass or intimidate others. A lawyer must show respect for the legal system and for those who serve it, including judges, other lawyers and public servants.

While it is a lawyer`s duty to question the integrity of the official action when necessary, it is also a lawyer`s duty to uphold the judicial process. Users can also access IP logs and other data directly from their Twitter account, as explained in our Help Center. If a Twitter user has tried unsuccessfully to download the data they are looking for themselves, please ask the user to send a request to Twitter via our privacy form. Preliminary review A Twitter agent first reviews the legal request to determine if it meets the relevant legal requirements. If the request meets all relevant legal requirements, a Twitter agent will review the reported account or tweets to indicate that the request is to restrict or restrict free speech. raises other concerns about Twitter`s policies (for example, journalists` accounts, verified accounts or political speech accounts); or raises practical or technical concerns (for example, if the account or content in question is no longer available).

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