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There are many advantages for you, the owner or landlord, the body corporate and the property occupant making use of Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical prepaid management solution electricity meters. Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical prepaid management solution will become a lifetime management tool at a once-off installation cost. Our motto at Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical is to help you manage your investment property by using our unique prepaid management meter solution.


How electricity is normally managed
Electricity is normally managed by a body corporate in several different ways.


Firstly the electricity for the townhouse can be registered directly with city council. This means that each and every unit in the complex has a separate account with the specific city council and is invoiced accordingly.


Electricity can also be incorporated with the levy account. This means that there is one bulk electricity meter for the entire scheme registered with city council. Each townhouse could then have its own sub meter installed by the body corporate from which readings are taken.


Post Payment Systems: Recovery of electricity invoice to the occupant
Most body corporates operate on a post-consumption billing system. This means that the occupant first consumes the electricity and then gets an invoice for what he has used. If the occupant does not pay the invoice, that invoice will simply be forwarded to the registered owner of the property.

City council and sectional title body corporates do not want to get involved with tenant disputes. It is simply stated that the issue needs to be resolved between the landlord and the tenant.


In addition to this, if the tenant is not paying his electricity, chances are that he will also not be paying rental. This causes further losses for the landlord and puts additional strain on the relationship between the managing agent or body corporate and the individual landlords. Making use of Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical pre-paid management solution ensures that, at the very least, the electricity account is up to date and there are no electricity recovery costs for the body corporate and the landlord.


Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical Prepayment Management Solution
Most city councils we have dealt with do not take physical meter readings for each and every meter each month. They simply take a reading every few months and project an average usage for the next couple of months. In theory this should work fine but the reality is that incorrect meter readings can be taken due to human error or usage differing from month to month. If you had a high usage, that high average will now be applied for the next couple of months.


The biggest problem with this system is that the occupant only wants to pay his portion of the electricity per month. If the occupant receives a large usage bill he is naturally unhappy and normally refuses to pay. An even bigger problem is that it is very difficult to dispute inaccurate readings. If an incorrect reading was registered, it is simply stated that you should pay the bill and then they will look at rectifying the account.


From an occupant’s perspective, most certainly the biggest advantage of working with Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical prepaid management solution is to know that the occupant is not being overcharged for the usage of electricity due to incorrect readings. What he pays for is what he gets. Furthermore, occupants also then get to see the actual cost of electricity and they use it more sparingly.


Using Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical prepaid management solution, the recovery of electricity consumption is upfront by means of a national prepay system. Theoretically, your electricity account should always be in credit as electricity units purchased is paid by Apachetele Telecoms & Electrical before you are invoiced for electricity by city council.


It is illegal to tamper with an electrical installation and stealing electricity is a criminal offense. As soon as an occupant tries to bypass our meters, the supply of the electricity gets switched off, by the anti tampering mechanism installed within the meter, and we get notified by our low use, zero and average report.