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Windows Lizenz Ebay Legal

If you want to travel in a safe setting, you can also purchase your Windows 10 licenses from German resellers such as lizengo. The Cologne-based company specializes in software trading. The prices seem quite high compared to eBay or MMOGA. You pay 39.99 euros for Windows 10 Pro, 35.99 euros for Windows 10 Home. According to lizengo, the licenses are still true commercial versions, without OEM keys and without volume licenses. In addition, there are also all other versions of Windows 10, such as Enterprise, Education, Workstation or Windows 10 S. Of course, the key we ordered worked right away. Indeed, lizengo actually only sells new and unused keys, as we learned on request. When buying, a good feeling also set in. After all, on the one hand, the money went to a German company, on the other hand, you buy a legal license here with absolute certainty. Lizengo keys are also available at EDEKA.

Now the question remains, where do all OEM licenses really come from. For this, we have inquired with several major manufacturers and key resellers. While manufacturers do not respond or only very covered, resellers have given us various clues as to the origin of licenses. On the one hand, these are licenses from companies that use volume licensing. They also buy many OEM licenses with the hardware used, but they are not used. These licenses are typically sold to key resellers via detours. If you buy a license sticker on the Internet, you often get such a license. Volume licenses themselves are also resold if they have not been activated as often as they were purchased. On the one hand, support is questionable if you run into problems and Windows later asks for activation again because the license is no longer valid. On the other hand, the codes could also be sold illegally and trade could be exposed.

This would be conceivable, for example, when purchasing licenses via a stolen credit card for later distribution. Then Microsoft could lock the keys sold and you`d be back at first, the few dollars you`ll probably never see again without further use. Too good to be true Lizego`s business model. When you click on a link on this page, you notice what has been disabled. Microzoff doesn`t let go of everything with him either. Probably wasn`t as legal as described here in the article. I would correct this article here. Windows 10 is slightly more expensive at Kinguin than at other retailers. A Windows 10 Pro OEM key costs 25.99 euros (without buyer protection), Windows 10 Home as OEM key is available for 23.99. Cheaper are the keys for Windows 7 Pro for 22.99 euros and Windows 7 Home for 19.99 euros. Our test purchase worked without any problems even without buyer protection, the key could be activated. It was also not a volume license. In addition to licenses, there is also the question of whether the keys that can be purchased are legally exchanged. The keys, which are very cheap on the market, are almost exclusively OEM keys. Due to a 2000 German Federal Court ruling, trading in these keys is legal – even if Microsoft cringes. In fact, the company had banned trading very cheap licenses without hardware in the license agreement. However, the Court held that, according to the principle of exhaustion, the manufacturer could not influence the trade. Unofficially, OEMs in exchange for cheap Windows 10 licenses, but of course still voluntarily adhere to Microsoft`s rules. However, licensing is fundamentally legal, so OEM software is not illegally obtained licenses. The same goes for eBay.

Purchases are essentially secured by the sales platform, so you can`t make a real bad purchase. Here you will also find the cheapest offers for Windows 10 Pro licenses. From just under 2 euros, you will find it here. More trustworthy retailers start at five good euros for a Windows 10 Pro key. Based on units sold and ratings, it`s easy to see which dealers are selling work keys and which are not. We bought two keys here, one for just under 4 euros, the second for a good 6 euros. Here is also the only failure in our research. The key for four euros simply could not be activated – the dealer did not help.

Here too, some offers disappear very quickly. It is difficult to answer the question of whether the acquired keys can really be considered legal. Both eBay merchants did not respond to our original request. Given the actual price of a Windows 10 key (from around 145 euros), as Microsoft offers, everyone should have noticed immediately that something may go wrong and the Windows key may be illegal. All of these factors show that Microsoft isn`t exactly restrictive when it comes to Windows 10 activations. Technically, it would be possible to track down and block illegal keys, multiple activations or licenses that have already been used. Currently, Microsoft is very accommodating here. However, it is not certain that this will continue to be the case in the future. However, it is probably not in the company`s interest to block hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of keys and therefore active Windows installations.

However, if you buy a key from a dubious source, you should know that these keys will not necessarily work in a few years. So far, we`ve learned that OEM keys are not pirated copies, can be exchanged legally, and should work in principle. Nevertheless, licenses are often used to play tricks. Dubious resellers sell keys twice, sell volume licenses that can be deactivated remotely, or simply sell fake keys. In most cases, multiple installations of Windows 10 can be activated with a single key, which is why keys are often sold twice. Especially with very cheap keys, so you have to be careful. Although losses are limited to a few dollars of price, you do not want to waste time unnecessarily. That`s why we purchased Windows 10 Pro licenses from select retailers as a test and enabled them on some virtual machines, with surprising results. A prerequisite for a legal sale, such as a Windows 10 key, is that the merchant provides certified proof showing where the Windows key came from. Most importantly, the product key must have been properly deactivated prior to sale.

One of the cheapest deals can be found on eBay. There you pay for a Windows 10 Pro key just under five euros. Also on Amazon there are countless keys for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. In many cases, there are even USB sticks or CD-ROM versions that are offered for less than 20 euros. But there is always the question: are these keys legal? And do they even work? Well, already looked in the mailbox today? There may be a letter in it, the sender of which first causes your blood pressure to skyrocket. This could be a subpoena from the prosecutor. And if you remember while reading the content that you bought a “super cheap” Windows 10 key at “absolute bargain price” at some point, it can ruin the mood again. The question is: was everything fine at the time of purchase – or was the Windows key illegal? And most importantly: what threatens bona fide buyers now? Who would have thought that you could not only legally sell Windows, Office, and other Microsoft applications? Even OEM or system manufacturer versions of Windows can be easily resold, as long as they are legal licenses. Unfortunately, there are also many black sheep in the markets. Additional tip: If you`re not sure, Microsoft itself offers the product information service to check if the software is legal. Here, after entering some data, you can quickly see whether you will soon have to expect an unpleasant letter from the prosecutor. Windows 10 keys are like sand on the sea.

Prices vary enormously. Licenses for 15 euros and less from eBay, MMOGA, etc. Can they be legal and secure? Let`s start at the beginning. Windows 10 is developed and licensed by Microsoft. There are different licensing models. While Microsoft itself only sells actual retail keys to end customers, it generally looks different for all other keys offered. These are not retail licenses, but often so-called OEM licenses. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, German the original equipment manufacturer of a product. These manufacturers build computers and laptops that come directly with Windows preinstalled.

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